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Meet our talented and dedicated experts!

Ashley Summers

Ashley grew up in an animal loving family, who not only had dogs and cats but horses as well. Her constant companion in her youth was her dog, Sam, a Scottish Terrier, and her love for Sam is what inspired her at a young age to want to become a veterinarian. However, as she grew her plans changed but her passion for animals did not.

After suffering from a wrist injury and the inability to return to her job at the time, she was prompted by her father to turn her love for animals into a career. Taking his advice, she enrolled into a veterinary technician program and upon completion went directly into a job at a busy veterinary hospital. After having worked in the animal medical field for some and taking notice of the many behavioral issues many of their patients had, she turned her focus to training and behavior modification.

At that point, Ashley went to work for an in-home training company in Orlando, Florida, working one on one with owners and their dogs. Her clients ranged from families who had acquired a rescue dog with major behavior issues such as aggression and needed to take control quickly, to others such a well known, legendary golfer, who merely wanted his good natured Golden Retriever to listen to basic commands and be a well mannered pet in society.

The time she has spent training people and their pets has been very rewarding and she now brings her experience and enthusiasm to Hollywood Paws, where she hopes to continue to help people strengthen their bond with their pets.

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