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Meet Our Talented and Dedicated Animal Training Expert!

Gary L. Wilson
Member: Advisory Board

Director of Exotic Animal Training and Management Program

Gary Wilson has a wealth of academic and hands on experience in the animal training industry. He is currently the Director of the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program which was established in 1974 at Moorpark College, also known as America?s Teaching Zoo. This two year program accepts only 50 students at a time and focuses on the care and training of animals in captivity, including the business and managerial aspects of maintaining animal facilities.  In addition to attending classes, these 50 students work most days and weekends and are responsible for running the Moorpark Zoo which is home to over 200 different animals ranging from a Bengal Tiger and Asian Elephant to Sea Lions, Emus, and A variety of Primates.

Animal Training and Animal Care and Handling Teacher

In 1977 Mr. Wilson graduated this prestigious animal training college himself, and holds a Bachelor?s degree in Evolutionary and Environmental Biology and a Masters in Biological Sciences.  After working as a contractor to the US Navy where he trained dolphins and Beluga whales, Mr. Wilson began to teach part-time at America?s Teaching Zoo and was hired full-time to direct the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program in 1985.

In addition to directing the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program, Mr. Wilson is also a full-time professor at Moorpark College. Some of the classes he has taught include Animal Behavior, Animal Diversity, Animal Training, Animal Training Practicum, Animal Care and Handling Laboratory. He also serves on the animal-acquisition and facilities committees which are responsible for designing, maintaining, and improving current Moorpark courses.  Outside from his commitment to Moorpark College, Gary Wilson is one of the founders and current Chief Financial Officer of the Animal Behavior Management Alliance and a member of the International Marine Animal Trainers Association (IMATA).

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