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Interact with Experienced Animal Industry Professionals

Have you watched a dog perform a daring feat in a film and wondered how it was done? Seen an animal do an uncanny trick in a TV commercial and imagined yours doing the same? Step behind the curtain and learn the techniques the pros use to get star performances out of our four-legged friends. You’ll pick up dog-training tips you didn’t know existed!

Hollywood Paws offers animal acting and trainer workshops for everyone – from beginners learning basic behaviors to advanced animals and trainers ready for the most demanding onscreen action!

Completing these courses won’t guarantee that your house pet will become a screen pet – but working in the industry is virtually impossible without them. And one thing they will do is boost your animal’s confidence – and the communication between you.


Before they can compete for starring roles in film, TV and commercials, animals must first learn the basics. This six-week beginner’s course is a must for entry-level pets and their owners. Studio trainers will teach you how to communicate using hand signals, verbal commands and mechanical clickers. A mock photo session – with a trainer’s critique – will prepare you and your pet for the flashbulbs of fame.

By the end of the course, your pet will be ready to perform behaviors such as “go to your mark,” “stay,” “sit,” “watch me” and “speak,” just to name a few, and will stand for examination. Having mastered these fundamentals, you and your pet can move on with confidence to the next level. In addition to offering the first steps to a possible Hollywood career and huge benefits in good behavior, completing the course strengthens the bond between pet and owner.

Upon satisfactory completion of the course, dogs will be eligible for a Canine Good Citizenship certificate from the American Kennel Club.


With the basics out of the way, graduates of introductory course will start learning the real tricks of the trade – the skills required to perform in front of a camera. You’ll acquire behaviors like “on your side,” “stay on your mark,” “freeze,” “foot/paw,” and “crawl,” and work toward a Therapy Dog Certification. An entire session will be devoted to a professional photo shoot, resulting in 100 introductory cards (a promotional calling card that can be used to advance your pet’s career) provided to all registrants who satisfactorily complete the course. A mock taping, meanwhile, will show you how your pet performs on camera.


You and your pet have jumped through some hoops. Are you ready for the big time? Find out in this challenging and exhilarating course, which not only teaches advanced behaviors like “bow,” “nudge,” “circle,” “scratch an itch” and “take it/ hold it” but also explores grooming and makeup, the casting process and following a storyboard. Finally, the taping of a mock television commercial will give you a valuable promotional tool for your pet.

If you’ve completed the core workshops and want to prepare your pet for a Hollywood casting call – or work as a professional dog trainer – this course is a must!

Have you ever wondered how to become a dog trainer? HollywoodPaws is looking for you! Our courses can teach you everything you need to know to start on the path to becoming a professional dog trainer. Learn the tricks of the trade – from the commands for basic obedience to the complex cues used in movies, TV and commercials.

Not everyone is qualified for this rigorous career. First you’ll need to learn the basics. HollywoodPaws’ unique training curriculum imparts the fundamentals of obedience, grooming and other crucial issues before revealing how studio trainers get animals to perform like stars.

Interact with Experienced Animal Industry Professionals

The best way to become a professional in dog training is to work with professional dog trainers.

Hollywood Paws offers animal acting and trainer workshops from beginners learning basic behaviors to advanced animals and trainers ready for the most demanding onscreen action!

At HollywoodPaws you learn to be an animal trainer by doing, NOT by just reading how to do it.

Basic Care and Husbandry for Dogs & Cats
Course description: This course will cover pet nutrition, housing, kennels, crates, basic pet first aid and preventative medical care. Exercise schedules and Behavioral enrichment as well as How to select the right pet for your personality and life style.

Veterinary Care
Course description: This course will cover basic emergency veterinary procedures such as animal CPR and handling traumas before a Vet can be seen. It will also introduce you to both Holistic and modern veterinary practices that will help you in your animal business as well as with your personal pets.

Grooming and Animal makeup for the Film industry
Course description: This course will cover basic grooming techniques as well as introduce you to many Hollywood makeup tricks used to color animals to be doubles or to look as if they are bleeding. Learn how to make a zebra out of a horse or how to make 5 dalmations look EXACTLY the same.

Therapy Pets
Course description: We will cover how to prepare your pet (dog or cat) to be certified as a Therapy pet. You and your pet will both learn how to perform many types of therapeutic options, including, hospital visits, nursing home visits, Reading with Rover programs, Crisis counseling, etc. We will also learn about the innumerable benefits that pets offer humans in need by looking at the many scientific studies conducted in this area.

The Boarding Business
Course description: In this course we will cover all you need to know to open and run a successful pet boarding facility. No longer are kennels simply chain link runs. People and their pets are looking for comfortable and intriguing options, like Doggie Day camps, over night boarding, but with a creative twist, such as theme rooms and play yards with fun pay equipment or even swimming pools for the dogs, as well as Outdoor doggie adventure camps. Your will learn how to create a popular boarding facility and run it as a financial success.

The Business of Pets
Course description: In this course we will look into the nuts and bolts of operating a retail pet business. Whether you want to own and operate an all around general pet store or specialize and sell high end dog clothes and collars or a holistic pet food store or run a grooming salon, maybe even a poop scooping business or a doggy day care, boarding or dog walking service. We will teach you how to make a financial success out of any great pet business idea you may have.

Performing Pets
Course description: In this course we will teach you how to train you and your pet to perform reliably in front of a live audience. We will help you to create a fun and entertaining and even educational program. We will also teach you how to best market your new Animal Act and how to get noticed and hired for shows like Pet Star, State Fairs, Jay Leno, David Letterman, etc.

Pet Sitting and Dog Day Care
Course description: Learn how to create and operate a successful Pet sitting and Doggie Day care business. We will also include Dog walking services. Did you ever think you could get paid taking a few dogs for a hike every day? Learn how many folks are doing just that and making a decent living too.

Course description: Can you find a decent pet food in the grocery store? Find out in this class. We will cover everything from how to read a pet food label and where to buy the best food for your pet. We will also discuss both popular grocery store brands as well as the high end foods. We will dispell the myths about the Raw food diets. Is it just a fad or is there really an advantage to them, and are they practical.? Also not all foods are right for all breeds. You will learn all this and more about how best to feed your pet and how to advise your clients.

To find out more about our dog trainer workshops, call us now at 1.213-534-3860 or contact us by email.

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