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Professional Dog and Cat Trainer

Have you ever wondered how to become a dog trainer ? HollywoodPaws is looking for you! Our courses can teach you everything you need to know to start on the path to becoming a professional dog trainer . Learn the tricks of the trade – from the commands for basic obedience to the complex cues used in movies, TV and commercials.

HollywoodPaws holds its trainers to a higher standard. Our graduates are equipped not merely to give effective commands but to get a perfect performance out of an animal actor under the most demanding circumstances.

But what you’ll learn in our workshops and courses has uses far beyond the entertainment world. These are the bedrock skills for any animal-related career, such as running a boarding kennel, pet health, pet sitting services or other pet care business. Possessing these abilities might enable you to launch your own animal-related enterprise or make additional income by training part-time. Working with animals is richly rewarding – the kind of career that makes you look forward to Monday morning – but unless you acquire and develop the ability to communicate effectively with animals, it will remain forever beyond your reach.

Not everyone is qualified for this rigorous career. First you’ll need to learn the basics. HollywoodPaws’ unique training curriculum imparts the fundamentals of obedience, grooming and other crucial issues before revealing how studio trainers get animals to perform like stars.

The specialized skill set you’ll acquire as a HollywoodPaws graduate applies equally to on-set demands and everyday behavior. No other dog-training school or course comes close. And after completing our workshops, you can work toward becoming a Canine Good Citizenship (CGC) evaluator.

Isn’t it time to start doing what you love for a living? Call HollywoodPaws today to get the process in motion.

Interact with Experienced Animal Industry Professionals

The best way to become a professional in dog training is to work with professional dog trainers.

Hollywood Paws offers animal acting and trainer workshops from beginners learning basic behaviors to advanced animals and trainers ready for the most demanding onscreen action!

At HollywoodPaws you learn to be an animal trainer by doing, NOT by just reading how to do it.

Interested in therapy dog training? Want to learn the essentials of dog first aid and other keys to pet health? Dreaming of grooming pets for a living? Do you envision running a boarding kennel full of frolicking canines? The HollywoodPaws Professional Program will give you the tools to pursue a career doing what you love – working with animals. Whether you’re itching to plunge into pet training for dog and cat actors or offer pet-sitting services, HollywoodPaws workshops are a prerequisite for success.

The Professional Program consists of Training Levels A, B, C and the following workshops:

Basic Care and Husbandry for Dogs & Cats

Course description: This course will cover animal nutrition, housing, boarding kennels, crates, basic and preventative pet health care. It will also cover exercise schedules and behavioral enrichment as well as how to select the right pet for your personality and lifestyle.

Veterinary Care

Course description: This course will cover basic emergency veterinary procedures such as animal CPR and handling traumas before a Vet can be seen. It will also introduce you to both Holistic and modern veterinary practices that will help you offer top pet health care services in your animal business as well as with your personal pets.

Grooming and Animal makeup for the Film industry

Course description: This course will cover basic pet grooming techniques as well as introduce you to many Hollywood makeup tricks used to color animals to be doubles or even to look as if they’re bleeding. Beyond the basics of dog and cat grooming, learn how to make a zebra out of a horse or how to make five Dalmatians look EXACTLY the same.

Therapy Pets

Course description: We will cover how to prepare your dog or cat to be certified as a therapy pet. You and your pet will both learn how to perform many types of therapeutic options, including, hospital visits, nursing home visits, Reading with Rover programs, Crisis counseling, etc. We will also learn about the innumerable benefits that dog therapy can offer humans in need by looking at the many scientific studies conducted in this area.

The Boarding Business

Course description: In this course we will cover all you need to know to open and run a successful pet boarding facility. No longer are kennels simply chain link runs. People and their pets are looking for comfortable and intriguing options, like Doggie Day camps, over night boarding, but with a creative twist, such as theme rooms and play yards with fun pay equipment or even swimming pools for the dogs, as well as Outdoor doggie adventure camps. Your will learn how to create a popular boarding facility and run it as a financial success.

The Business of Pets

Course description: In this course we will look into the nuts and bolts of operating a retail pet business. Want to go from neighborhood pet sitter to profitable pet-setting service provider? Want to turn your pet project into a bona fide bonanza? Whether you want to own and operate a general pet supply store, sell high-end dog clothes and collars, market a line of natural dog food or pet shampoo, or run a dog-grooming business, doggie day care, boarding or dog-walking business, this course will provide invaluable information. Let us teach you how to turn your pet product or pet services idea into a thriving business.

Performing Pets

Course description: In this course we will teach you how to train you and your pet to perform reliably in front of a live audience. We will help you to create a fun and entertaining and even educational program. We will also teach you how to best market your new Animal Act and how to get noticed and hired for shows like Pet Star, State Fairs, Jay Leno, David Letterman, etc.

Pet Sitting and Dog Day Care

Course description: Learn how to create and operate a successful pet-sitting and doggie day care business. We will also include dog-walking businesses. Did you ever think you could get paid taking a few dogs for a hike every day? Learn how many folks are making a decent living doing just that.


Course description: Can you find a decent pet food in the grocery store? Find out in this class. We will cover everything from how to read a pet food label and where to buy the best food for your pet. We will also discuss both popular grocery store brands as well as high-end, natural and wellness dog food. We’ll separate myth from fact; is the raw-food diet – is it just a fad? Which dog food supplements are worth using? What causes a dog food allergy? Also, not all foods are right for all breeds. You’ll learn about all this and more – and emerge knowing not only how best to feed your pet but also how to advise your clients on animal nutrition.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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