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Dog Training Basics - Dog Behavior and Obedience Training

We all know that dogs have their own attitude and way of thinking. They can be stubborn, destructive, ignorant and scared. Doesn’t sound too good, doesn’t it? After all they are animals, and without proper training will remain so.

Dog training is vital to teach a dog what is acceptable and what is not. A dog that hasn’t been given any instructions or limitations can’t know what is to be expected of him. Through training you will be able to establish a good communication link between you and your dog and teach him what’s right or wrong, good or bad. A dog must be trained to be aware that you are the boss in order to listen to you and show you respect.

Dog Training Can Save Your Dog's Life

Training your dog can save his life. When you have voice control you can save your dog from a probable disaster. Imagine for example someone accidentally leaves the front door open and you notice your dog walking outside, he can safely be called back in on your command. Or if you’re crossing the street with your dog, you can command him to stay until it’s safe to cross instead of him lunging out into the traffic and possibly getting hurt. Not only will your dog become more responsive through dog training, but you will also have more control of his behavior.

A well behaved and educated dog is a delight to own for he can go practically anywhere with you without being a hassle or danger and makes a great addition to your household without annoying anyone around. Also, a well-mannered dog is more welcomed and appreciated and in turn receives more attention and interaction from family members, visitors, or even a people walking by.

Now, what makes a good dog?

  • One that is trained to eliminate outdoors, not in the house or on the carpet
  • One that sits on command and is trained to sit before getting petted by people, before going through a doorway or getting out of a car, and before getting his food or treat
  • One that responds to basic commands wherever and whenever such as “come”, “sit”, “lie down” or “stay”
  • One that knows to stand still when being groomed whether it’s his teeth, ears or feet being touched, or when examined by a vet to check for illness or injury
  • One that walks on a leash without pulling, strangling or dragging. Remember, your taking your dog for a walk, not the other way around
  • One that greets strangers without jumping, growling, barking or inappropriately sniffing them
  • One that can stay home alone without going through separation anxiety and consequently wrecking the furniture
  • One that can tolerate loud sounds such as car alarms, thunder or fireworks

Now that you know the definition of a good dog, it’s time to decide whether your dog has learned all these qualities and if not to make sure he does learn them through dog training so that both the owner and pet can be happy.

Every dog training session should be enjoyable, filled with praise, games, hugging and patting. When your dog gets past learning the dog training basics, then he’ll definitely be ready for the next stage of learning tricks.

If you have realized that your dog isn’t as good as you thought, now’s the chance to enroll in dog training sessions to get the best out of your pet.

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