Hi Hollywood Paws,

I just wanted to drop a note to say THANK YOU for setting the Tyra Show up with some great pups!!! The show went SO well, the higher ups were very pleased!... I also wanted to let you know that your people were so professional and so easy to work with- something that at times can be hard to find in this business!

Thank you again.

Tiffany Baker
Production Associate
The Tyra Banks Show

Dear Hollywood Paws,

Well as you can probably guess, we are all still on a cloud about Djembe's awesome performance during his Level A/Level B Test conducted by Katharine on Wednesday, December 7, 2005. The purpose of this correspondence is to personally thank you for all that you contributed towards making Taylor's/Djembe's test day a memorable success!!! We are so very appreciative on so many levels!! Please allow me to delineate.

As dog owners, we are grateful to you to have been "re-introduced" to Djembe as a result of this process. We are also thankful for the unique blessing of having witnessed firsthand our dog's breakthrough into a whole new world of trust and communication. But equally important, though perhaps less obvious, is the fact that as parents, we were able to watch our daughter literally grow right before our eyes in a way thatwill assist her in "life skills" forever. Through patience and firm but nurturing guidance, you taught her HOW to do train Djembe; HOW to step out of her comfort zone; and HOW to navigate this new environment with confidence and precision. We will always cherish this!!

And lastly . . professionally . . . we have so very much appreciated your knowledge of your field. As a TV Station Executive and Police Lieutenant, Randy and I know expertise when we see it, and we have thoroughly enjoyed how seamlessly you seemed to transport knowledge from your head to Taylor's; while always leading with you heart.

Please also extend our sincere appreciation to Katharine for taking usin and for getting Djembe and Taylor to Level B (no small feat given Djembe's attention deficit and Taylor's lack of familiarity in this environment). Our experience at Hollywood Paws has been nothing short of productive and exciting. We look forward to our Photo Shoot on February 4, 2006, as well as future opportunities for Djembe and Taylor to "show what they know"!!

Take good care,

Janalyn W. Glymph, Ph.D.
General Manager KLCS-TV/DT

Dear Hollywood Paws,

The Toyota Shoot wan an amazing experience for ELVIS and myself. We both learned so much during this very exciting event. When i began this journey with my dog, I never expected to be exposed to this part of the industry so quickly.

The best part was watching everyone work as a team to prep the dogs the night before. They were terrifiic and handled each dog expertly. The energy level was increased, the pacing was increased and i could see the dogs wanting to work for them! I am very thankful to see first hand what on-set experience is all about, and how important it is to have excellent animal trainers. There is much to admire regarding their knowledge, techniques and talent.

Thank you so very much!

Terry and Elvis

Hi Hollywood Paws,

Just wanted to let you know how much I (& Angus) have learned and changed due to our Sundays classes with John. John has made SUCH A DIFFERENCE in our lives; he has a gift for this.

I actually like my dog now, and enjoy walking him (on a slip-chain collar; no longer "need" a prong collar) without him pulling, lunging, and/or ignoring me! Angus has had a significant change in his attitude, walks WITH me on the leash, he checks in frequently with me, and wants to please me now. I too have changed, thanks to the clear and helpful information & techniques that John has provided. He also introduced me to a way of thinking that WORKS! He's made it easy and fun for me to train my dog. My friends, and even our classmates at Hollywood Paws, have commented on the difference in my dog's behaviour and his attentiveness to me. I look forward to our classes, and I'm so pleased with the changes in Angus's bulldog brain and enthusiastic behaviours.


And thank you, Kim, for getting us started on the path to success, both as a well-behaved dog and owner (somewhat well-behaved) who will be welcome wherever we go, and also towards my goal for Angus to be a therapy dog.

Diane Dunford (& Angus)

Hello Hollywood Paws,

I wanted to thank you for your expertise with Henry. He is more responding better to our instructions -especially walking, even the neighbors have noticed! I have also changed many of my attitudes.

Thank you and see you Saturday,


Hi Hollywood Paws,

I just wanted to thank you for giving Max (and me!) the opportunity to participate in yesterday's shoot. I learned A LOT from the experience.. mostly how good you and Maddy are as trainers!! Everything you and she ever said to me applied! And it seemed that Max and I did learn our lessons well! Please keep us in mind if another opportunity presents itself.

Thanks again