A Disney feature film about a dog and his puppies, staring Scout as Buddy, the basketball playing Golden Retriever.


Animal Planet – Hollywood Paws talent appeared in a television series “Weird, True, and Freaky” showcases stories about dogs and cats surviving amazing odds. The dogs who each starred in their own segments were Jack, Petal, Kiki, Murdoc, Jackson, and Micaela and the cats involved included Simba and Missy.



“Miss March” – Feature Film where Philly, a silky terrier was held by and actor and then thrown over his shoulder off a balcony. Philly also had to wear a device to make him look as though he was peeing on cue into a champagne flute. These scenes for the comedy were filmed at the Playboy mansion and the end result was perfect.

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Nickelodeon “Fido Awards” – Hosted by Fred Willard, this award show was a salute to dogs of all kinds. Bodie was cast as Fred Willard's four-legged companion for the promotional ads and press photos.

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Entertainment Weekly – The weekly magazine was doing a feature on Zac Efron and wanted to have Rocky, a French Bulldog pose with Efron for the promotional photo spread.



Disney – The annual corporate team-building event at Disneyland used 8 dogs to help teams make skits about Disney using their team dog's existing behaviors. All the dogs Murdoc, Kazzi Jazz, Bodie, Walter, Lola, Peanut, and Dyson did a fantastic job.



NBC – The commercial for NBC promoting their “Laugh My Ass Off” campaign aired during the Super Bowl and featured Hollywood Paws graduate Derby , a Jack Russell Terrier.


MTV – on the dating reality show “Next,” one of the contestants had to complete in an agility course against Jaz, an Australian Sheppard. Not only did Jaz win, but she looked great in the process.



E! Entertainment – The network filmed a segment featuring the D Pet Hotel in Hollywood and Petal, a Chihuahua mix was the canine tour guide and host.


Ed Hardy – Hollywood Paws Graduate Dyson, a Boxer was cast for Ed Hardy's “Rock Fabulous” campaign. He posed with several Models for the fashion campaign at designer Christian Audigier's home in Los Angeles .


Burger King – To promote their Loaded Steakhouse Burger, Burger King signed Bodie and Buck to be part of the action. The commercial was filmed in Miami, FL and both canine stars were not only flown in by the fast food chain, but also set up with their own trailers and catering service!



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JP Marketing – Kalani, a chocolate lab and Coco, an American short-hair cat were showcased in a commercial for a new Veterinary Hospital . Filming took place in an actual clinic, which posed a challenge since most animals have a negative association with this environment.


“Flowers and Weeds” – Independent short featured Maggie, a Golden Retriever puppy who played the younger counterpart to a matching adult Golden Retriever. The film is an urban fairy tale that follows a young man on his quest for a simpler life and true love and which premiered at the Palm Springs International Shortfest.



“Numbers” – Scout, a golden retriever was featured in the CBS television show on the episode “Checkmate” where he played a cadaver dog.

“The Florence Henderson Show” – Hollywood Paws Head Trainer Joel Norton and Buster demonstrated the production behaviors and training techniques required of a set-ready animal.