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Hollywood Paws Where You Can Make Your Animal Actor a Dog or Cat Celebrity!
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Hollywood Paws — Animal Talent Agency

Ever seen a dog in a movie and wondered if your pooch could become a pet star? Well, you won’t know if you’re living with an actor dog until you consult the experts.

HollywoodPaws is the first and largest Talent Agency in the world to focus exclusively on representing and promoting animal actors and Studio Trainers to the entertainment industry. We are located at LA Center Studios, which is Los Angeles' premiere independent movie campus. This 20 acre location affords us ready access to movie, television, film and advertising agency professionals and production facilities, which include six 18,000 square-feet sound stages.

HollywoodPaws provides a way to effectively link animal actors and Studio Trainers with professionals in the entertainment industry looking for new talent. HollywoodPaws Talent Agency conducts auditions nationally and internationally in order to find new animal actors and Studio Trainers. Animal actors and Studio Trainers may be accepted for representation after successfully completing the audition process. Upon acceptance, animal actors and Studio Trainers may participate in workshops at HollywoodPaws' Studio in order to prepare them for a future career in the animal acting industry!

Scout - starring in Disney's Air Buddies
Scout, starring in a Disney movie featuring golden retrievers

HollywoodPaws takes the legwork out of the casting process for entertainment industry professionals. We offer an exclusive casting service for professionals looking for animal actors and Studio Trainers in any city in the world. Our professionals will conduct the audition, select the most qualified animal actor or Studio Trainer, and work to prepare them for the specific assignment. HollywoodPaws professionals, animal actors, and Studio Trainers are available for employment on any production set in the world, and we are committed to ensuring that all projects are first class productions!

In addition, HollywoodPaws encourages those animal actors and Studio Trainers who may not have yet completed a workshop to request our free brochure "How to Make Your Pet a Star." When reviewing requests for talent from entertainment industry professionals, registered members may be referred to work with our Talent Agency.

How do I get started?
  1. Contact us for the free brochure "How to Make Your Pet a Star."
  2. Attend a workshop at the HollywoodPaws Studio in LA.
  3. Register your animal as an actor or yourself as a Studio Trainer with the HollywoodPaws Talent Agency.

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