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Detection Dog Career Training Program

Need a career change, start a business or advance your dog trainer skills? In today’s climate, sniff dogs and trainers are needed and in demand daily. Build your own team of detection dog trainers or work independently with a sniff dog detecting dangerous matter and life-threatening diseases like Covid-19, diabetes, cancer, explosives, and illegal drugs. Our training program covers a wide range of detection needs and enhancements to your career offering.

What used to be exclusively used by the military or behind the scenes; Today, detection dogs are used around the world. Most commonly used for sports teams, concerts, amusement parks, airports and other mass transportation systems. Whether sniffing for narcotics, firearms, explosive parts or even Covid-19, detection dogs are a valuable resource in keeping people safe. With the skills learned from our training program, become available to companies looking to hire dogs and their trainers for detection.

Be part of this amazing, rewarding career and community of trainers. The ideal candidate is someone with a passion to work with dogs and help people. It is important to note, if you are training your own dog, they must be healthy and pass a detection selection test.

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Sniff Dog Trainer Certification

Training classes begin online over a few weeks. Once completed, you will be required to take an exam and pass with a minimum score of 80% to advance to live workshops with a dog. After the successful completion, you will obtain an official sniff dog trainer certificate.

Program Topics:

  • Each segment of the methods will be explained and experienced in detail with the trainer trainees performing the training responsibilities
  • Review of Basic K-9 Training Theory, Methods and Techniques
  • Review of Advanced K-9 Training Theory, Methods and Techniques
  • Initial Selection Theory, Methods and Techniques of the Detection Dog
  • K-9 Training Problem Solving
  • K-9 Behavior and Learning
  • K-9 Initial Odor Recognition & Search locations including Building, Vehicles, Luggage, Parcel and Open Areas.

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Odor Detection Dog and Handler Course

The practical hands-on training are 3-4 weeks in Oakland CA. The training program is 8 hours a day 5 days a week. During the Detection Dog Handler Course the Handler will be trained alongside the detection dog(s) in the field of Detection Dog Work, which includes canine odor recognition, working the odor to the actual source of the odor, alerts, canine obedience to odor, on & off-leash handling techniques, search techniques for the handler and canine, canine and handler safety, basic training aid handling, Initial and advanced Search Techniques of the following areas; Building, Vehicles, Mail/Packages, Luggage, and Open Areas.

Additionally, all documenting requirements (record keeping of Training & In-The Field Utilization), report writing, canine legal update, proper utilization of the Canine Team and Program, Review of Policy & Procedures, Canine First Aid & CPR.

At the end of the program, you will have the option to buy a fully trained dog in the scent of your choice, or you can bring a suitable K9 to be trained with you for an extra fee.

  • Firearms detection
  • Narcotics
  • Accelerants
  • Explosives
  • Covid-19 (when available)

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