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Detection Dog Training, Training a Trainer Course

Do you own a dog training business? Are you an experienced dog training looking for a new business? Are you looking to expand on the services you offer now in your training and want to get into detection dog training? In this article we will discuss the steps you can take to become, not just a detection dog Handler but also train others how to work with and BE detection dog trainers themselves.

The Train the Trainer course is designed for those who have dog training experience and want to expand their knowledge into a totally new field. Detection dogs are being used more and more in daily life. What used to just be used by the military or behind-the-scenes at airports is now common in security checks, schools, government building and large gatherings. Whether sniffing for narcotics, firearms, explosive parts or even Covid-19, detection dogs are a valuable resource in keeping people safe. With our course, Individuals looking to get into the industry and train dogs for detection work and become handlers can come to you for this amazing career. The ideal candidate is a professional trainer who wants to be responsible for initial and on-going maintenance training of the dog teams at their facility.

As with any career, you must consider any accommodations you may need to make. Your ability to provide the space to house multiple dogs and a place to use as a training facility are crucial.

Once you have decided that this career is a good fit the first step on this new adventure is 40 hours of online learning to prepare you for this new field of dog work. The next step is 4 weeks of hands-on training at our facility in Oakley CA. Trainers will be walked through every aspect of Detection Dog Training methods from initial selection, preliminary shaping, to the detection dog final response.

Below is a list of the train the trainer program requirements and teaching topics:

  • Each Trainer will be allowed to bring two K-9’s for Training**
  • K-9’s must be healthy and pass a (detection dog) selection test
  • Each segment of the methods will be explained and experienced in detail with the trainer trainees performing the training responsibilities.
  • Note: This is not necessarily a Handler Instructor Course, but a Canine Trainers Course
  • Review of Basic K-9 Training Theory, Methods and Techniques
  • Review of Advanced K-9 Training Theory, Methods and Techniques
  • Initial Selection Theory, Methods and Techniques of the Detection Dog
  • K-9 Training Problem Solving
  • K-9 Behavior and Learning
  • K-9 Initial Odor Recognition & Search locations including Building, Vehicles, Luggage, Parcel and Open Areas.

**It is not required that the participant bring 2 dogs. It should be noted that the value of these trained detection dogs is $30,000 per dog so we encourage all participants to bring the maximum 2 dogs if possible.

After this intensive course you will be ready to start training others in this important and rewarding career in detection dog work.

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Odor Detection Dog and Handler Course

The practical hands-on training are 3-4 weeks in Oakland CA. The training program is 8 hours a day 5 days a week. During the Detection Dog Handler Course the Handler will be trained alongside the detection dog(s) in the field of Detection Dog Work, which includes canine odor recognition, working the odor to the actual source of the odor, alerts, canine obedience to odor, on & off-leash handling techniques, search techniques for the handler and canine, canine and handler safety, basic training aid handling, Initial and advanced Search Techniques of the following areas; Building, Vehicles, Mail/Packages, Luggage, and Open Areas.

Additionally, all documenting requirements (record keeping of Training & In-The Field Utilization), report writing, canine legal update, proper utilization of the Canine Team and Program, Review of Policy & Procedures, Canine First Aid & CPR.

At the end of the program, you will have the option to buy a fully trained dog in the scent of your choice, or you can bring a suitable K9 to be trained with you for an extra fee.

  • Firearms detection
  • Narcotics
  • Accelerants
  • Explosives
  • Covid-19 (when available)

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