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The Boarding Business For Pets - Training School

Animal Training Workshop

Hollywood Paws offer a unique and fun workshop which will cover all aspects of the boarding business for pets. To make your boarding business successful we will inform all participant of this course on specific information on topics such as; pet sitting services, dog day care, boarding dog kennels, pet shampoos, and boarding kennels. This helpful information can help you achieve a boarding business which is highly successful both financially and business wise.

Pet owners such as dog owners nowadays treat their pets as part of the family. Some owners are even looking into animal acting courses which will turn pets into film and television stars. Pet owners can approach boarding kennels to help them with this process. Boarding kennels tend to run for 6 to 8 weeks where the pet is in full care of the trainers who work for the boarding kennel. The boarding kennels will conduct intensive training exercises with your boarding dog; as well as play time in the swimming pool, around the yard and interaction with the other pets and animals which are calling their home the boarding kennel for 6 to 8 weeks. Owners are welcomed to participate with their pets at the boarding kennels. This can be a fun and exciting way to get you started on knowing things about your pet and running a successful boarding business.

Pet sitting services are a vital part of the boarding business. During this workshop our highly trained and experience trainers will teach you on all the expectancies you will need to require during your pet sitting services at you boarding business. Information ranging from pet shampoo care to boarding pets will be offered to ensure that you are ready and game to start your boarding business with the best knowledge of all areas of pets and their care.

Pet shampoo is an important aspect of your boarding business because some pets are very sensitive to shampoos and others are not. Some shampoos can cause rashes, skin irritation and other illnesses internally which are unseen. The boarding business which you will soon be running will need to carry a wide variety of pet shampoos. This is requested so that you can offer remedies and helpful products to pet owners to keep their pets away from allergic reactions cause by pet shampoos.

Dog day care is used by many dog owners who love their pets and hate to leave them on their own whilst they are at work. Dog day care can be part of your boarding business. Dog owners will drop their pets off early in the morning and pick them up later on in the evening. Dog day care trainers will look after the dogs by conducting exercises, tasks and play time fun. Dog will love coming to dog day care even if it is one day a week because they are able to interact with other dogs freely. Play time is fun and exciting and during our workshop on the boarding business our trainers will teach you how to make dog day care enticing and creative for the dogs while we still teach discipline and correct behavioral issues.

Boarding dog kennels is an important part of this workshop which new owners of boarding businesses will need to consider. Boarding dog kennels are designed for dogs that have issues with their behavior. Dog owners will be able to bring their dog to your boarding business and you and your dog trainers will be highly experienced on solving these most common behavioral issues.

This workshop has been designed by the highest trained and professional staff. Starting your own boarding business can be difficult and tough this is why we at Hollywood Paws recommend you join our workshop and you'll have no problems starting up your own boarding business.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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