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Basic Care and Husbandry For Dogs And Cats

Animal Training Workshop

This workshop is provided for pet owners to give much needed information and assistance with the following important basic tasks of caring for your dog or cat; husbandry systems, pet care, pet health care, dog care, nutritional information, boarding kennels and behavioral issues. Dogs and cats are wonderful creatures and great pets. This program will also help prepare new owners by giving out this helpful information.

Husbandry Systems for Dogs & Cats

This helpful workshop will offer the following knowledge on designing husbandry systems for dogs and cats. Husbandry systems are a vital part of the dogs and cats life as pets. A dog kennel or a cat bed is an important part of the husbandry system. They should be placed indoors or outdoors to ensure the pet that he or she is welcomed into or out of the home.

This system should use the best pet care and pet health care practices which meets the animal’s welfare and behavioral issues. The environment where the animal is situated should provide a safe and comfortable area which meets the specific requirements of these animals. If 2 or more animals are being housed in the same area such as 2 dogs and 2 cats they should have enough social space between them to ensure they have their own playing areas. Studies have shown where more than 2 animals are held they become aggressive and fight with one another for the space. Much care should be taken in these situations and try to avoid housing 2 or more animals in the same environment.

Humans should interact with the dogs or cats daily. Set up a play session separately with each animal to ensure they achieve as much attention as possible. This will help the pet’s health care and make them prone to human activities. They will also release a lot of their aggression by these stimulating activities.

Dog Health Care

Pet care is an important role of the pet owners. Dogs are marvelous, friendly and loveable animals that thrive off attention from their owners. Looking after your pet dog’s health care will provide another time for you to interact with them. Weekly bathing or whenever necessary is vital for a dog. It will help keep their coat clean and shiny and their skin will be free of irritations which grass and dirt may cause.

This workshop will offer owners extensive knowledge on pet health care for dogs along with basic pet care. Here is a list of the following dog health care tasks which this workshop offers;

  • How to clean ears and noses
  • Clipping claws
  • General dog health care
  • Brushing their coat
  • Bathing techniques
  • Health Preventions
  • Nutritional Information
  • Food Intake
  • Exercise Techniques

Boarding Kennels

Boarding kennels are available to dog and cat owners who find their pets have behavioral issues. They can be trained by dog or cat trainers on these behavioral issues. Dog trainers will teach your pet how to obey commands and small tasks plus they will also study the animal to seek information on their behavior. The course generally runs for 6 weeks and the animal stays with the dog trainer the entire time. The end result is fabulous and your pet will be a little angel.

General Pet Care

General pet care is also study throughout this workshop. General pet care is sometime taken for granted by pet owners. Pets should be thoroughly inspected by a vet on a monthly basis to ensure their health is all good. Owners can also use general health care to their advantage because it will give them time to spend with their pets. Dogs and cats love being pampered just like us humans do, so by showing that little bit of extra care will have them on their best behavior. Dogs for example need lots of exercise, so take them for a daily walk or run or kick a soccer ball around the yard. Cats love a stimulating massage, this will release their aggression and have them dancing around the home. This informative workshop will offer you loads of information of basic care and husbandry for dogs and cats.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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