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Grooming and Animal Makeup for the Film Industry

Animal Training Workshop

Not only are humans popular in the film industry, dogs, cats, birds and many more are also popular. Remember the movie “Cats and Dogs?” Who played the lead roles? Cats and dogs! If you’re thinking of turning your pet into a star then this course may just be for you. Throughout this course you will be learning about grooming pets, dog grooming, cat grooming, makeup techniques and many more topics which are related to grooming and animal makeup for the film industry.

Grooming pets will help keep them looking clean healthy and shiny and ready for the film industry. This course will provide several specific tasks on dog grooming, cat grooming and grooming your pet so that pet owners and trainers will be thoroughly advised and explained to on how to properly groom your pet animal. Throughout the grooming and animal makeup for the film industry course, our expert trainers will cover the following grooming techniques;

  • Clipping paws and nails
  • Trimming whiskers
  • Haircuts
  • Coat protectors
  • Brushing the pets coat
  • Breath cleaners
  • How to bath animal the right way
  • Pampering the pet, therapy and massage
  • Cleaning teeth and brushing techniques

The above mention techniques are all easy and simple to follow, by the end of this course you will go home and confidently do the above mentioned techniques with ease.

The grooming and animal makeup for the film industry course will advise its clients on pet grooming schools. Pet grooming schools are places where pet owners can take their animals to be taught on grooming techniques and grooming behavior. Upon completion of this course its trainees will be completely knowledgeable on dog grooming schools and grooming pet schools that they will be qualified to start up their own business on grooming pet school.

Makeup in the film industry is very important and is always used whether it’s on animal humans or side features. Animal makeup is used so creatively throughout the film and movie industries it’s actually amazing how the makeup artist’s use it. This course run by Hollywood Paws will give you great confidence on applying makeup to animals, making them look like other animals using makeup and designing a creative look for them. The grooming and animal makeup course will allow the course trainees to be confident to apply makeup on to animals to make them seem as though they are bleeding, cut or sick. This course will help its trainees understand the proper uses of animal makeup in the film industry. Trainees who complete this course can further move on and begin makeup artist positions on movie and film sets.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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