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Proper Animal Nutrition - Training School

Animal Training Workshop

Do you find yourself searching around the grocery store looking for that perfect meal for your pet but you just can’t find it so you end up just grabbing the first packet of food or even the cheapest box but you’re still not satisfied! Well this workshop is designed exactly for you. Finding the right nutritional foods for your pet can be a tough task because there are so many foods available at the pet store, grocery store and large department store. During this course we will offer pet owners high class information on how to find the right nutritional foods for your pet without the hassles. We will also teach pet owners how to read the labels of pet food packaging so you will be able to decide what exactly will meet your pets nutritional diet.

Ok let’s start with dog food. Do you find yourself asking questions such as dry food or natural dog food or raw meat diets and you just don’t come up with a sane answer? Rest assured by the end of this workshop on nutrition you will know exactly what is right and wrong for your pet and you will know exactly what to feed him or her. Wellness dog food is also a common discussion which we will cover during the duration of this helpful course. We will also help you define exactly what the difference is between natural dog foods, best dog food and wellness dog foods. By thoroughly completing this course you will also be able to offer others on information relating to animal nutrition.

Animal nutrition is a very important and vital part of a pet’s life. If the pet is under nourished then they may be faced with several illnesses just like humans would be if they were under nourished. Animal nutrition is heavily discussed during this workshop and you'll be completely satisfied and high in knowledge on all aspects of animal nutrition.

Dog nutrition is a problem which dog owners face daily because they are unsure on what the right foods are. Dogs that suffer from food allergies may need to be fed dry dog food which is processed and therefore contains enough nutrients to help the dog live a happy and healthy life. This course will cover a topic on food allergy; we will explain the benefits of using the right foods to prevent your dog from having an allergic reaction. We will also discuss home cooking nutritional animal foods because many pet owners offer their pets home cooked meals. We will tell you about the rights and wrongs of offering home cooked meals whilst we also discuss the nutritional side of home cooked meals.

Once you have completed this course on nutrition you will be highly informed in all aspects of it. You will then be able to continue on and discuss nutrition topics with your clients and their pets. You will also be knowledgeable on selling the right animal nutrition food in your pet store. Finishing this course will have you satisfied knowing that you are feeding your pet right and offering others helpful and crucial information on animal nutrition and its values.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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