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Performing Pets - Training School

Animal Training Workshop

At Hollywood Paws we specialize in training pets such as dogs and cats to be well behaved animal actors which one day may be featured in movies and television. We also specialize in training owners to help teach their pets to become pet stars. This workshop on performing pets will cover all aspects from making your pet an animal actor, dogs in movies, and cat and dog movies. Our highly trained and professional staffs are experts in this field and they have worked with many pet stars that have featured in cat and dog movies.

This course is designed to teach pet owners how to train their pet dog or cat to become a star. The workshop will help your pet to perform in front of audiences and teach him or her that is it ok to do so. We train you and your pet in front of people so that the dog or cat will feel comfortable and safe in front of hundreds of people. During the course a lot of teaching and patience is required. Firstly we will teach you and your pet the basic commands such as; “sit,” “stay,” “drop,” “fetch,” and “nudge.” This will give you a great idea of what sort of patience and interest your pet will have if they cooperate. This will also give you an indication if he or she is ready to become an actor dog or actor cat.

Animal actors can star in cat and dog movies or just be hired to be walking around as a side feature. Whatever the case, be sure that this workshop will help you and your pet immensely to become great characters and help shine your pet’s great star abilities. Dogs in movies again can be the main character or play a small role in the film. As a pet owner you would expect your pet to perform to the best of his or hers ability, well this workshop is highly recommended to teach you dog how to behave, perform and act.

During this course your pets will be rewarded every time he or she does something right and even wrong. The key to training animal actors is to not punish them for a wrong thing but to encourage them and assist them in doing something right.

Pet training can be a fun and exciting thing for both the owner and pet. You will spend lots of time playing and teaching that will help you interact and learn to know what your pets like and wants, while your pet gets to know you and feel comfortable around you. Extensive and through pet training can help you turn your pet into a pet star. He or she may even be featured as an animal actor in a cat and dog movie, wouldn’t that be great? Well Hollywood Paws’ workshop on performing pets will help you to do so.

The performing pet’s workshop will also offer owners instructions on grooming and makeup skills which will be needed if your pet turns into an animal actor. Once you have completed this workshop you will be able to take your pets for casting auditions and he or she may even find a lead or small role in the film industry as an animal actor. This education program has been designed by the highest trained professionals who will help make it fun, entertaining and delightful whilst teaching your pet to become a star.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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