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Pet Sitting and Dog Day Care - Training School

Animal Training Workshop

Walking your own dog is a vital chore which dog owners should conduct on a daily basis to ensure the dog gets their exercise and maintain their health. Some dog owners tend to put this chore off and it can result in their pets being lazy and unresponsive to fun activities. If you are a dog owner and you love taking your dog for a walk and love giving him or her lots of attention then have you thought about starting your own dog walking business or pet sitting services or even a dog day care facility? Well if so you have come to the right company. We at Hollywood Paws offer a highly informative workshop which will cover all the aspects of pet sitting and dog day care services. Pet owners or business owners will be able to take in this general information and move forward to create their own unique and financially pleasing petting sitting and dog day care store.

Dog day care is a place where dog owners can leave their pet dog when they are going on holidays or just for a day. During this workshop our professional staff will discuss what will be needed when you have dog visiting your dog day care whether it is only for a day or a week. We will also discuss topics such as dog day care toys which the pet sitting service owner will be highly trained and informed on, nutritional values and feeding times, behavioral issues of naughty dogs and most of all how to make this a fun and exciting place for the pet dogs.

Dog day care toys should be used by the dogs visiting the pet sitting service center. This workshop will explain which toys should be used, how they should be used and what is best for the doggies’ health and play sessions. Dog day care toys should be inspected and changed several times during the course of a week because of health and germ issues. This is a major topic which will discuss throughout this workshop on pet sitting services.

Pet sitting services can also offer animal owners a place for their pets to stay while they are on vacation. Owners will rest assured knowing that their dog or cat is safe and having a great time with a pet sitting service owner. Day care dogs will enjoy the fun, excitement and interaction with other animals and humans which they are unfamiliar with. This can also be another way for you to get your dog used to strangers and not want to attack them.

Pet sitting and dog day care services can be quite rewarding to people who are interested in starting this sort of business. You can choose to start this business from your home if your home is equipped to do so or you can lease a store with a large yard for the animals to run around and enjoy. People nowadays are making an honest and decent living from offering pet sitting services and dog walking services. You will truly enjoy the experience of this enticing workshop and therefore you will be highly informed on all the tricks of the trade of the pet sitting and dog day care industry.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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