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Therapy Pets Training School

Animal Training Workshop

Pet dogs or cats that are trained to be therapy pets offer many wonderful qualities to those who are in need of some care, support and to bring laughter. This course which has been specially designed about therapy pets, will teach both your pet dog or cat and you the pet owner how to deal with the many important roles of a therapy pet. Therapy pets that are well trained will visit nursing homes and interact with the elderly to offer them attention, love and moral support.

Therapy pets are invited to hospitals where little children and adults are sick. You and your pet dog or cats will provide these people who are in need with attention, fun and games to cheer them up and to forget for a little while what is happening in their lives. The smiles, laughter and interaction will also reflect on your pet and you the pet owner.

A therapy dog that makes home, hospital and nursing home visits must be trained by professionals on how to deal with people and various situations that may occur during visitations. During this course on therapy pets we will teach both the pet owner and dog how to deal with these circumstances. Trainees of this course will know exactly what to do and how to act around people who are situated in these places. Pet therapy is an enjoyable experience for all who are directly involved including you the pet owner and your pet. To put a smile on ones face is the most rewarding outcome that will be cherished and appreciated by all.

Therapy dog training courses will open up many avenues for the pet owner that will result in great friendship, leadership and your pet behavior when they are not in their safe environment such as your home. A trained therapy pet will also have a greater chance to be featured in a movie or film because of the training skills that have been implemented by the course trainer and the pet owner’s consistency in follow up training.

The best reward you can give your pets besides food is a pet massage. Pet massage therapy is so relaxing for your pet and it can be a way that you can reward them for their hard work and great effort for what ever reason you want to reward them. Pet massage therapy courses that are available at Hollywood Paws will train the pet owner on how to massage your pet dog or cat. Pet massage therapy will benefit both you and your pet because you are sharing intimate and quality time with each other. Your pet dog or cat will love the attention and relaxation. This may even help with pets who have behavioral problems, because it relaxes them to be content, satisfied and they will feel loved and appreciated. It will also help with your pet’s health issues and injuries.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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