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Veterinary Care Training

Animal Training Workshop


Veterinary Care

Hollywood Paws offers a special workshop which has been designed by our specialist staff to meet all the aspects of veterinary care. Veterinary care is the term used to describe pet health care which should be conducted by pet professionals such as; vets or trained owners. Veterinary care is practiced by animal doctors who specialize in pet health and general care. They can offer advice on all aspects of pet health and care and they can also perform surgery or minor tasks on pets that need further attention. This workshop will provide owners or pre owners with helpful information on many topics which may arise during your pet’s life. The following topics will be discussed during the veterinary care workshop.

Pet Health

Pet health is highly important for the day to day life of your animal. Our pet’s health will determine how the pet lives. For example; if your pet dog is inactive and lazy this may be because he or she is unwell or unhealthy. Pet health is rolled into 3 major categories which are; Exercise, Nutrition and Balance. Exercise is an important part of your pet’s health. It will keep their heart, liver, kidneys and overall body system in tact and healthy. Daily play activities and going for walking can be a major way to upkeep your pets health. Nutrition is important for a healthy diet. Feed you animal food that is good for them. Specially formulated foods are the perfect choice because they are filled with nutritional foods which are designed for the pet you have.

Pet Health Care

Caring for your pet’s health is an important role which owners should play. If you’re unsure on how to do so then this workshop just may be the thing you’re looking for. Hollywood Paws veterinary workshop will offer extensive information on general pet health care. It will also make you aware of signs which arise when your pet is unhealthy or suffering from a sickness. General grooming duties are also discuss throughout this workshop because they too are an important and vital part of your pets health care.

Dog Health Care

Dog health care is another special topic which is discussed throughout the veterinary care workshop. It is important for owners to understand and know how to look after their dog’s health care. During this workshop their will be helpful tips and caring instruction on how to groom dogs, nutritional information, coat care, medicines and other important topics on dog health care which are helpful and informative.

Pet Medication & Pet Medicine

People who work in veterinary care are highly trained to be animal doctors. Pets in all cases are faced with common illnesses such as; fleas, worms, loss of hair, loss of hearing and sight. Pet medication is made available to help reduce the impact of these common illnesses which are not so serious. Your pet dog or cat will be prone to worms and fleas but rest assured this problem can be solved easily with pet medication. During the veterinary care workshop owners will be offered simple information on the right pet medications for all types of sickness whether they are serious or not.

Animal medicine has been studied extensively over the last few years and animal doctors are coming up with more and more pet medications and vaccines for all types of pet illnesses. Pet owners will feel at ease knowing that they will be highly informed of the many types of pet medications.

Pet Odor

Cats and dogs tend to have the strongest smelling odors which are generally caused by sweat and the habitat they live in. strong pet odors can be quite disturbing and uncomfortable for both the pets and owners. The veterinary workshop will offer you much needed information on grooming your pets to keep them free of odors while it will further explain why your pets are prone to such odors.

To find out more about our pet training workshops, call us now at 1.888.781.7827 or contact us by email.

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