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Hollywood Paws Workshop

Basic Obedience $495.00

This training class focuses on teaching you and your pup basic skills and obedience such as sit, stay, down, and "on your mark." These are great control tools and necessary skill for production and required of all animal actors. Whether you want your dog to have good manners, listen to commands, or take its first steps towards becoming a production ready animal actor, Hollywood Paws' basic obedience class will help.

Requirements: Age 4 months and up
Schedule: 3 weeks, 1 hour class

Introduction to Animal Acting $995.00

This class goes beyond basic obedience and provides the building blocks necessary for your dog to become successful in the entertainment industry. You will learn how to control your dog around distractions and on-set etiquette. We cover behaviors such as stand, go mark, come mark, back up, and feet up/off. Completion of this course includes the AKC's Canine Good Citizen test to certify that your dog is a well behaved member of society.

Requirements: Hollywood Paws Basic Obedience or approval through an evaluation by a certified Hollywood Paws Studio Trainer
Schedule: 6 sessions, 1 hour 15 min class

Intermediate Animal Acting $995.00

Now that you have a solid background of basic animal acting, our intermediate level course incorporates those skills towards more advanced behaviors. Skills such as crawl, spin, sit up, head up/down, and nudge provide you a 'leg up' on the competition so your animal actor can book print ads, commercials, and film production work. Completion of this course includes submission to production inquiries and professional photos.

Requirements: Hollywood Paws Intro to Animal Acting or approval from a certified Hollywood Paws Studio Trainer
Schedule: 6 sessions, 1 hour 15 min class

Advanced Animal Acting - $995.00

This advanced course is designed to teach you the skills necessary to enter the competitive industry of studio trainers and animal actors. Learn how to link behaviors together to form complex commands and advanced skills such as dig, headshake, cover, take a bow, and a 'work away'- commanding your dog without them being able to see you. Completion of this course includes your own reel and mock television or film shoot.

Requirements: Hollywood Paws Intermediate Animal Acting
Schedule: 6 sessions, 1 hour 15 min class

Canine Good Citizen Class (CGC) $125.00

Welcome your dog as a well-behaved member of society by receiving the American Kennel Club's Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award. This class fine tunes your dog's basic skills in order to excel at the CGC's 10 testing requirements which include coming with called, reaction to another dog, walking on leash, grooming and more.

Requirements: Age 6 months and up
Schedule: 2 weeks, 2 CGC testing opportunities

Therapy Dog Class - $325.00

Show that your dog has outstanding temperament and control by becoming a certified Therapy Dog through Therapy Dogs International (TDI). This class will prepare you to excel at the therapy test by focusing on each of the 15 test requirements in detail. Situation like, accepting a stranger, supervised separation, reaction to children, reactions to distractions, and walking through a crowd just to name a few.

Requirements: Age 10 months and up
Schedule: 4 weeks, 2 testing opportunities

Therapy Dog Class WITH current CGC Certificate - $125.00

*See Therapy Dog Class description above. Your dog must have passes the CGC test with Hollywood Paws or another facility.

Requirements: Current Canine Good Citizen Certificate, Age 10 months and up
Schedule: 2 weeks, 2 TDI testing opportunities

Puppy Paws Academy - $30/class or $100.00 for 4 classes

Build your puppy's social skills and learn how to break common bad habits. This class gives you the chance to learn everything you need to know about your new puppy, from housebreaking and grooming to chewing and socialization. Make friends and enjoy play dates while bonding with your puppy.

Requirements: Proof of vaccination, less than 4 months old
Schedule: weekly morning sessions, 1 hour class

Dog Dental Care - $45.00/class

Learn how to provide basic dental care for your dog and how to maintain your dog's smile. This one-time class and seminar includes a doggie dental kit and basic information to keep your dog healthy and happy.

Requirements: None
Schedule: Once per month, 1 hour class, call for availability

First Aid and CPR - $150.00

This class prepares you for animal emergencies by providing background on how to administer basic first aid and CPR to animals. Completion of this class includes CPR certification and a first aid kit with manual.

Requirements: None
Schedule: 2 consecutive Saturday sessions per month, 2 hour class, call for availability

Scent Discrimination - $150.00

Burn up your dog's extra energy and put that amazing nose to work by enrolling them in our scent work class. This class teaches your dog how to distinguish certain scents and locate objects. The class will focus on the standard birch, anise and clover scent, and then generalize that scent discrimination to locate any object you wish!

Requirements: 6 months and up
Schedule: 6 weeks, 1 hour class

Introduction to Agility - $150.00

Get some extra exercise for both you and your dog while bonding over this popular sport. Agility training is where your dog runs and navigates through a course of obstacles including jumps, tunnels, hoops, and weave poles. This class includes two free open gym sessions so you can practice your newly acquired athletic skills.

Requirements: 6 months and up
Schedule: 6 weeks, 1 hour classes

Open Gym Session - $20.00/session

Join us every other Sunday for open gym where you can run your dog through a beginning level agility course or enjoy play days at a private dog park on our movie studio lot, LA Center Studios. There is no time limit for an open gym session and you do not have to be currently enrolled in agility to use the agility equipment.

Requirements: Currently enrolled or graduated from a Hollywood Paws program
Schedule: every other Sunday, call for availability

Private Paws Academy - $795.00 Our private classes guarantee one-on-one sessions which allow you to outline your own curriculum. Choose from basic obedience, animal acting, tricks training, breaking bad behaviors, or anything else that peeks your interest. Our expert Studio Trainers will provide you with advice and know how that best fits your dog.

Requirements: None
Schedule: 4 sessions, 1 hour 15 min class, customized schedule. All classes held at the Hollywood Paws Studio.

Ala Carte Options:

Canine Good Citizen Test - $35.00, call for test dates

Therapy Dog International Test - $35.00, call for test dates

Open Lab Sessions - $150/month
  *Open labs are held every Mon 2-4pm, Thur 3pm-7pm, and Sat 2pm-6pm. Monthly package includes open lab and open gym sessions, and appx. 12 labs per month. You must have graduated from a Hollywood Paws program to enroll.

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