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Frequently Asked Questions

What do dogs need to know in order to be represented and work on set? There are many specific studio behaviors that dogs need to know to be represented. Marks, aim stick, Head up/down, Backup, Feet up, on your side/ SU, work away, go to/with etc. Along with the specific behaviors dogs must be able to work from a distance of 20ft around distractions, just with hand signals and just on verbal cues. 

What makes studio behaviors special? We usually compare studio work to Agility training. The only reason to teach your dog to do an A-frame or catwalk with contact points is if you wanted to compete in agility. Studio behaviors are the same idea. There is no reason for any dog to know a "go with" or aim stick unless you are going to use it on set. Basic behaviors like "backup" that are on YouTube are done by just crowding the dog's space, however, if trained this way once the dog is 15 feet away in a scene you have no way to be in the shot to control the backup. All studio behaviors are geared to overcome some challenge that we face when on set. 

Do you offer help with training studio behaviors? YES! Our online video series and help from our studio trainers can teach you everything you need to know to get your dog rained so it can be used on set! Our trainers are also available to our members to help with any studio behavior issues you may have at no extra charge! 

What are the benefits of membership and training? Along with the actual behaviors, training increases the bond between you and your pet. Training for studio work also gives your pet amazing mental stimulation. Keeping your pet's brain active is just as important as physical exercise. Training unique studio behaviors offers a fun and challenging new things for your pet to learn! 

What is a CGC? CGC is a ten-skill training program that's open to all dogs–purebred and mixed breed–that focuses on teaching the basics of good manners and obedience, instilling the values of responsible ownership, and strengthening the bond between you and your dog at home and out in the community. Part of the Hollywood Paws membership includes training to pass the CGC exam! 

What does membership include? All Hollywood Paws memberships include new content every 2 weeks; including new studio behaviors, quizzes, and trainer help. Members also get 24/7 help via email and depending on membership level, in person help from one of our studio trainers on anything you need help with. Studio behaviors often build on each other so members are given 2 weeks to master current behaviors before new content is sent. 

Do we have to take your program to be represente
d? No, we will represent any fully studio trained dog. 

My dog already knows basic commands, why do you require so much training? We are a professional Studio Animal Rental Company. We are required to carry permits, special insurance, pass safety test and more to be able to bring animals on set. It is very costly to have trained animals on set and the dogs are required to perform what they are hired to do. The entertainment industry is pretty small and we rely on repeat clients who know we bring reliable, safe and well trained animals to every job. 

When is my dog available for work? Your pet must be able to show it can do all the required studio behaviors in a distracting environment. We have guidelines to follow so you can make a quick video showing your dog is set ready! 

I have a Therapy dog/ I want to make my dog a therapy dog, is studio work a good fit? Yes! Therapy dogs not only benefit the Therapy organizations and community but that also make great studio dogs. Being comfortable around people, distraction, new environments and under control are all skills used on sets and in hospitals! Whether you have a therapy dog now or would like help with therapy training, Hollywood Paws memberships are a great fit! 

My dog is a service dog can I still be a studio dog? We are not allowed to use service dogs as studio dogs. Your service dog needs to stay with you to provide you with the specific task they were trained to do. Studio dogs are required to be away from their owners and work onset for various lengths of time. The training required for studio training will also directly conflict with the much more important task of helping their owners. 

Do I need professional "Headshots" for my dog? Definingly NOT! Simple but good-looking photos for dog submissions can be done on most cell phones with good lighting and a flat, natural background. There is no need to spend any money. 

How much do dogs make on set? It's is very expensive to have a studio dog on set! Like any highly skilled job studios pay a great deal to have a trained dog that is guaranteed to perform exactly what is in the script! The minimum rate for a trainer and dog on set is $1,300.00 for just 6 hours. Jobs can often be multiple days and include "prep day" if any unique or difficult behaviors are needed. These changes and multiple dogs on set mean it can cost 3-5 thousand per day. Hollywood Paws keep 15% of all dog rental of jobs that is booked through our company and covered under our insurance and permits. 

Who works the dog on set? Any job that is booked though Hollywood Paws means that Hollywood Paws trainers are the ones who work the dog on set. We offer free pick up and drop off if needed or owners can meet us on set if they would like. Any jobs you find/book on your own we do not take any percent and the owners work their own dog. 

Do I still have to be studio training to do print work? Yes! It's a common misconception that studio print work is easy. It can be but, in most cases, its MORE difficult. Dogs are like kids, and they tend to not like to do the same things over and over for hours on end and that's what most print work is. There is a big difference between taking pictures at home and on studio sets. On live action shoots dogs and be, dogs! They can pant, look around etc. On still shoots they can only do what the shot needs and if they look away or break position the shoot stops.  

Do you work with cats or any other animals? We love all animals but unfortunately, we only work with dogs.  

Is studio training fun? Yes! Studio training is always done with positive reinforcement and its always voluntary (that's why food drive is so important). It's a great way to challenge and stimulate your dog in a unique and fun way. 

Is the money my dog makes tax deductible? YES! In California, once your dogs income goes above $599.99 in one year you can begin to take deductions! Talk to your CPA or tax advisor on the best way to take advantage of tax benefits! 

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