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Hire Dog Actors

Hollywood's Animal Talent Agency

Hollywood Paws is the only GREEN Animal Talent Agency in Hollywood. Meaning, our dogs are pets where other dog hire dog companies in Hollywood are kenneled work dogs. All of our animal actors are capable of the highest industry standards. We also train our dogs for special roles as needed. With over 20yrs experience, elite trainers and thousands of productions you can rest assure we deliver on our promise.

For info about hiring our animal actors, availability, budgets or other production questions, please call our studio trainers.

Joel Norton
For Production inquiries only.

Need to hire a Animal Actor?

Meet The Stars!

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Penelope Supafly 1.jpeg

Penelope Superfly

Lulu 2.jpeg


Henry 1.jpeg


Gordon 2.jpeg


Buster 1.jpeg


Emma Rose 1.jpeg

Emma Rose

Scarlett 2.jpeg


Joie 1.jpeg


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Coming Soon

HP Square blue logo.jpg

Coming Soon

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