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Hollywood Paws is a one-of-a-kind Animal Agency and Studio Animal Rental Company. Rather than own the dogs we book onset, we get all of our working dogs from pet owners like YOU! Everything that dogs do on set is voluntary, so having a dog that loves treats and new people is the first step.

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"Message from our Professional Studio Trainers..."

We as the trainers can never be in the shot with the dogs so we require all of our studio behaviors to be done from 15-20 feet away. We also require the behaviors that we work on to be done on JUST hand signals and JUST verbal cues. If talent is talking, we can't ask the dog to "stay" or "speak" or anything else while the sound is running. Similarly, a work away is when the dog is trained to look at an object and listen only to all the verbal cues a trainer is giving from behind. The behaviors we use on set, from sudio marks and aim sticks to go with and hit it, the behaviors we use on set are not typically used in everyday life.

If you have a dog that is friendly, confident, food-driven, loves learning new skills and love training, we would love to meet you and your pet! Our company relies on pets like yours for the production jobs we get. Even if your dog is not yet ready, we can provide a free workshop to see if your pet is a good fit for this fun and unique work!

Located at Los Angeles Center Studios


We are always happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you for visiting!


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